Oct 14, 2010

Platipus Piddler Tree Irrigation System Wins Prestigious OROFLOR Innovation Award at Flormart 2010

The Platipus ‘Piddler’ Tree Irrigation System has won the prestigious OROFLOR Innovation Award at this years Flormart International Gardening and Nursery Show in Padova, Italy.  The aim of the OROFLOR competition is to promote new innovative products for professional landscape industry.  The competition was judged by industry leaders and international journalists.  Darren Cavedaschi, Sales & Marketing Director of Platipus says “Winning the Innovation Award is a testament to the hard work and effort we’ve put in to developing a tree irrigation system with a difference. There is nothing else like this product on the market and it compliments our existing range of tree anchoring systems perfectly.”

The New Piddler tree irrigation system has been designed, by UK Company Platipus Anchors Ltd, to deliver water directly to the root zone. With this cutting edge system, water is evenly supplied in both directions all the way round the rootball and flows through the membrane material soaking the soil laterally; providing a huge benefit to the development of the tree. The benefits don’t stop there as the ‘targeted’ system results in the elimination of waste and the minimisation of evaporation.

Not only does the new Piddler system prove advantageous to the trees but also for the landscapers bank balance; the Piddler has been priced to be competitive with other systems on the market. Perhaps the biggest advantage to the landscaper is that it is extremely compact and easy to transport. “Our system is flat packed and comes in a box which means transport and storage is reduced substantially” states Tree Systems Manager Ian Rotherham. He goes on to explain “the Piddler is easy to install and tailor to size too, a quick snip with some scissors and you are ready to wrap it around the rootball”.

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