Utility Anchoring Systems - Introduction

An Introduction to Utility Anchoring Systems

Utility Anchoring SystemsPlatipus Utility Systems have been designed to provide a fast, efficient anchoring solution specifically for the Electricity and Telecommunication distribution networks.

Over many years we have continued to refine the basic concept resulting in an unequalled generation of quality products.

The extensive range of anchors available in either ‘Stealth’ or ‘Bat’ formats offers a wide choice to suit all applications and load requirements.

anchor in ground In addition, the combination of using the exclusive T-Loc mechanism with our wire tendons provides the user with a number of unique and versatile options to suit the environment and specification.

The ease in which the user can assemble the right products will save time and money in the field.

Our anchoring system out performs conventional methods of stay anchoring and utilizes low cost, lightweight, portable installation equipment, most of which is readily available within the industry.

No Excavation

people using anchoring system No excavation is necessary with the Platipus System, saving time, labour and money.

There is no danger of working in deep unshuttered holes or with expensive earth moving equipment to establish an anchoring point.

The anchor drives into undisturbed earth and is ready for use in a few minutes.

Cost Effective

worker using equipment With the use of lightweight portable tools, multiple anchor installations can be achieved by a crew of two over a very short period of time.

A combination of cost effective anchor systems and compact installation equipment means that against all existing methods the system will prove to be extremely advantageous.

Out Performs

worker using equipment Our latest range of anchors has out performed its predecessors and competitors in tests in all areas including driving time, loadlocking distances and final load holding capabilities.

Proof Tests

worker using equipment As part of the system every anchor can be proof tested to check the actual load.

Their unique ability to produce proven loads almost instantaneously puts them in an unparalleled position compared to other systems and traditional techniques.

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